EZ Conversions

1”-0 Crushed Rock1.35 Tons per Cubic Yard
2 ½“-0 Crushed Rock1.30
¾”-0 Crushed Rock1.35
¼” - #10 No Fines Crushed Rock 1.25
¼”-0 Crushed Rock 1.30
½”- ¼“ Oil Rock 1.15
3/8” - #10 Oil Rock 1.18
¼”- ½” Oil Rock 1.18
Concrete Sand 1.25
Mason Sand 1.25
Mixed Sand and Gravel 1.35
1 ½” - ¾” Round Drain Rock 1.30
¾” – 3/8” Round Rock 1.30
3/8 “ - #4 Round Pea Gravel 1.30
6”-0 Crushed Concrete 1.29
Topsoil* 1.0
70 / 30 Blend* 1.15
50 / 50 Blend* 1.30

*Conversions are loose with average moisture % and may change

What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

"EZ Grade has played a major part in the construction of the Green and Yellow lines of Tri-Mets light rail system in downtown Portland, placing over 500,000 tons of aggregate. I would have to say their promptness and willingness to get the job done has superseded any of our expectations. The downtown area (5th and 6th Ave) is an extremely difficult area to perform safely and productively. EZ Grade performed above the bar in both of these categories. Their driver/operators acted professional and courteously throughout the 28 months they have been on this project and I would recommend them to any project based on their past and present performance on this project. A true pleasure to work with."

- Mike R., Stacy Witbeck / Kiewit Pacific

"As a customer of EZ Grade, I know I am a priority. When I need rock or other material on the jobsite, they always deliver that day. I am treated like a family member and get first rate customer service every time. EZ Grade keeps rocking my jobsite!"

- Doug Shepherd, Excavation

"When they say they’re going to be there, they’re there. Always on time. In the landscape industry, that’s as good as gold."

- Kevin, Creekside Landscape